Power of dry saturated steam


How it works ?

Only Saturated Steam at 8-10 kg/cm2 can clean and sanitisecompletely

Our Innovation

Dry steam cleaning with 8 -10 kg/cm2 pressure is one of the most effective ways to maintain certifications to standards like: UNI/EN/ISO - 14000, ISO 9000 BS8800, R.C.EMAS and Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP) and to implement Total Quality management (TQM) in the food industry.

The Power of Dry Saturated Steam:
It does the job unlike anything you have seen before. The Vapour Clean system easily cleans even the most greasy dirt from places that are difficult to reach, like small holes, crevices oil grooves, etc. in production equipments, kitchen equipments and the environment like floors, walls etc and leaves it clean, dry and sanitized - without using chemicals.

The Benefits of Vapour Clean

Economical: It works quickly. Reduce down time required for cleaning and the related labour costs. Eliminate the need to stop production machinery for cleaning. Machines consume very little water and reduce the waste water generated, resulting in lower disposal costs 

Effective: It is a less man-dependent process since manual scrubbing is not usually required. The steam can thoroughly penetrate even minute holes, grooves and crevices etc…The resulting surface is perfectly clean, dry and sanitised.

Eco-friendly: It eliminates the need for solvents and other toxic substances for cleaning. Even detergent use - required only for severe applications, is reduced by more than 80%


How it works:

Heat + Moisture + Vacuum = Perfectly Clean + Dry + Sanitised

The Vapour Clean machine delivers high temperature steam with low moisture:

1.  The heat melts the bond between the dirt and
      the surface

2.  The moisture holds the dirt in suspension
      until it can be

3.  Either wiped away or vacuumed away by
     the optional vacuum cleaner.

What you get is a clean and sanitised surface
which dries almost instantly


Only Saturated Steam at 8-10 kg/cm2 can clean and sanitise completely:

Any surface however smooth when seen under a microscope consist of high points (troughs) and low points (valleys). Manual scrubbing with detergents or even a hot water jet is able to clean only the high points on the surface. With the result that the surface remains greasy or bacteria remain in the valleys after cleaning. Only high temperature saturated steam generated at 8-10 kg/cm2 pressure can clean and sanitise the full surface including the low points completely.

Dry steam cleaning with 8-10 kg/cm2 pressure is one of the most effective ways to maintain Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points(HACCP) - the internationally recognised food safety methodology..

 Our Innovative Automatic Injection/Vacuum System ( Patent pending ) :

The benefits of steam cleaning in the food, mechanical engineering and environment sector have been well known for many years now.

However, steam cleaning has one basic limitation – the greasy dirt just melts and resettles a little away.

Our innovative automatic injection/vacuum system overcomes this basic limitation.

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